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NC Tech Talk by NCTA: Freudenberg IT


Marc Montoro was joined by Kevin Diaz, Chief Customer Officer at Freudenberg IT. Kevin discussed FIT’s German heritage, long-standing history with SAP, building a booming presence in America, and what “IT Solutions. Simplified.” means. Then he talks about FIT’s upcoming Octoberfest event.

Freudenberg IT (FIT) believes extraordinary things happen when the complex is made simple.

Through its deep knowledge of SAP, FIT helps companies experience the value of their enterprise application investments—without the hassle of managing complicated infrastructures on their own. From hosting to cloud computing to disaster recovery, FIT provides the services – and security – organizations need to remain resilient in an increasingly complex world.

Customers choose FIT to improve operations, boost efficiency and reduce overall risks and costs. They stick with FIT because it does the many small things that add up to one extraordinary thing: FIT simplifies IT.